St Lawrence Pottery is a studio and gallery featuring hand decorated pottery, lamp work glass bead jewelry and artwork that reflects the natural beauty of the 1000 Island area in Northern New York.  This is a great stop for folks visiting the area to see artists at work and buy useful and beautiful items made on site.

Because everything we make is handmade and there are only a few of us working it has proven difficult to supply this website with product.  Honestly we sell so quickly in our shop that demand is greater than our ability to make.  This may sound a little like brag-complaining, but sadly we have limited time to get things on the site.  Eventually we hope to extend the products but at this point I'm leaving products on line that are "sold out" just so one can see what our patterns are and what might be available in the store.  We are always willing to fulfill an order by phone or by email.  Often time I have the products in the store but just can get the time to put them on the website.  I know in this interwebs world this is frustrating not to be able to buy, have free shipping and get it tomorrow , but we're just a couple of artists doing the best we can!  

In the meantime thank you for checking out our website!

St Lawrence Pottery is located at 41468 State Route 12, Clayton New York, 13624.  Call us at 315 -686 -4252.   Email us at: stlawrencepottery@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.