YouTube Channel May 29, 2015 12:09

WOW Great weekend last week!  The 4th annual artist studio tour was a great success.  Thanks for everyone who stopped by.  Now we're open everyday!  10am to 5pm.  Sunday until 4pm.  Summer hours!

So I had this great idea that I should tap into my inner educator and make a video of how I decorate pottery.  A few hours later and many editing days later I have made an albeit imperfect but short sweet video and put it on our own youtube channel.   If you scroll down to the social media buttons (under Follow Us)  you can tap on the youtube icon and with luck all the little gremlins in the computer will bring up St Lawrence Pottery's first tutorial.

Here's a photo of our guest artist Kari Zelson Robertson and our newest employee.

John and I are pleased to announce that we'll have a small presence at the Breakwater Gallery in Cape Vincent NY again this summer.  Here's a graphic of the next show there.  I'll be putting together a page of links in the next couple of days including our favorite artists & galleries & local businesses. 

Hey-If the link to the tutorial doesn't work and you're really excited to see the vid, then try cutting and pasting this address (I know I know there is a way…save your comments!)