Signs signs everywhere a sign! July 10, 2015 17:15

Our old sign was painted by me, Sarah Ellen Smith.  I am not a professional sign painter. We knew that the sign was small and we hoped to get a larger  & more professional looking one someday.  But it started us off six years ago and it served us as well as it could.  Sometimes it looked a little sad.

But this week things changed.

After a bit of work with the town of Orleans, some creative brainstorming and Stewart signs of Cape Vincent, we were able to put up our new sign.

In the first day after putting up the new sign three customers said they came in because of the sign.  Ember removed the planter wood today and next week we'll start doing some plantings.  

Look for some changes to our store front in the months to come.  For now it's back to the flame, wheel and brushes!  Summer is ON!