November at the Pottery November 04, 2015 15:10 2 Comments

Labor Day and Columbus Day have come and gone.  The weather cools and days grow shorter we ramp up our production towards the holiday season. John throws new forms and I am working on new designs.  Weather is perfect for opening the windows and making beads, but the pottery orders call. While many of our summer visitors leave and believe us to be kicking back with mugs of hot cider, we are in fact experiencing our busiest time of year.

Last week I went to Watertown for what I thought would be an interview at WPBS for the locally made on air auction. When I got there I found myself in front of a green screen and asked to talk about St Lawrence Pottery and why it’s important to buy locally. No script, no notes and what became a rambling speech unencumbered with previous thought or planning! I cringe at how awful it might have been, but will share the link when I get it.

Our Holiday Show will be Thursday December 3rd.   This event has become a sort of kickoff for many River folks. It’s the weekend of the Christmas Parade and fireworks.

The day of our show doors open at 4 pm and there are big tables of seconds and sale items. It gets a little crazy, but we have a team of wrapper& packers who can move sales through at a good pace. At little later we’ll have piles of good things to eat and drink and the party will begin.

 For those who have never been, please come for the party! We have such a good time and it is open to the public.


Press release:

This evening event kicks off the holiday season for the artists of St Lawrence Pottery. Featured will be pottery, artwork & jewelry by John Arnot, Sarah Ellen Smith, Greg Lago, Kathy Sturr and Susan Kenyon. Arnot and Smith collaborate on pottery decorated with images drawn from nature and landscapes of the St Lawrence River. Two new sculptures, prints and paintings will be featured by noted artist Greg Lago. Also shown will be several new works by Kathy Sturr and handmade sterling chains by Susan Kenyon. Festive refreshments will be served the night of the opening.