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4th Annual Artist Studio Tour! May 11, 2015 12:59

Coming up Memorial Day Weekend St Lawrence Pottery will once again be in the center of the map (and the place to find the maps) for the 4th Annual Artist Studio Tour.  This is a free event and great opportunity to get out and see some home-studios of local artists and visit favorite public venues.  We'll be hosting Kari Zelson Robertson, a ceramics artist this year.  This has become a kick off of sorts for our summer and the gallery will be spruced up for the event.  Like I said, we have the maps and information for the event here at St Lawrence Pottery, 41468 Rt 12 Clayton New York, USA.

In related news, I'm getting ready for my close up for an interview on Channel 7 in Watertown NY.  It will be on May 21 at the crack of…dawn if anyone is up and watching Beth Hall and Jeff Cole's morning show.

Here's a preview of a new product for the web site.  It is a spoon rest with an illustration of my version of St Lawrence.  Local folks may recognize the model I used for the saint (hint: he is a local artist who owns Winged Bull Studio).  According to lore, St Lawrence was the last person to have the holy grail.  He was tortured by the Romans by being put over flames on a grill.  When asked where the treasure of the Church was he said the treasures of the Church were the poor and needy.  While being burned, he reputedly told his torturers that he was "done on this side" and he needed to be turned over.   I took the liberty to put my version of the saint on a background of the River, holding the holy grail with a hint of a grill behind him.  I may blog more about St Lawrence in the future.