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Winter's end? March 19, 2015 12:20

Summer visitors to the gallery will often ask if we close down in the winter here at St Lawrence Pottery. We smile at this question and shake our heads no. On this last day of winter we are in full on production and have been since the New Year. John has thrown hundreds of pounds of clay into neat rows of vessels that line up on boards in varying stages of drying, bisque, decorated and finish. The radio or audio book blares and water on the wood stove boils. While we sometimes forget to put out the open flag, we are here everyday except Sunday. I still tell people to call and make sure we haven’t taken off to run errands, but we’re here!

We ran the kiln last week and I was able to get about 10 new products on the web site. Part of the steep learning curve of this web site for me has been balancing time. We make the pottery, jewelry and paintings, keep the actual gallery/business going and now more time at the computer. My goal is to add items every week and a little blog note every few weeks.  

In the meantime, it’s time to make the pottery!

The gas kiln at St Lawrence Pottery being unloaded with finished goods.

Welcome to the Website! March 9, 2015 13:57

Welcome to the long-awaited St Lawrence Pottery web site! We’ve been in business since 2009 developing a line of hand decorated and functional pottery, paintings & jewelry reflecting the beauty of our area.  We feature both wood fired and gas fired pottery in many hand decorated patterns. 

We’ll be starting this site with a limited number of items for sale and if it doesn’t cut into our production too much, we’ll expand in time.   For our fans and previous visitors to our gallery in Clayton New York you’ll know that John and Sarah make every piece on site.

From mixing, reconstituting, wedging, rolling, and throwing clay to decorating, glazing and firing the pieces twice to the final finish, each piece that goes into the gallery is one of a kind.  All the glass beads that Sarah uses in her unique jewelry are also made on site with rods of Italian glass in an open flame and annealed for strength.   In addition to the pottery and jewelry we have paintings and other locally produced artwork and fine crafts.

For folks finding this site who don't know about the magic of the 1000 Island area of the St Lawrence River, you might want to visit someday.  Check out the following web sites to learn more about visiting Clayton:

When you get to the River stop by to shop & take a studio tour at St Lawrence pottery!  Until then we'll be hard at work making beautiful things and getting some of them up on this web site!

For more information about us and to see more photos you can go to our public Facebook site and take a look!   Just click on the round Facebook icon below or visit us at