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Summer Begins 2017! May 23, 2017 09:24 2 Comments

Time to break radio silence!  

We have been working hard all winter and I will be adding more items to the website in the next few days.  There is no way for me to add all the items we've made onto the web site and make, decorate, run the shop etc etc.  But come heck or high water... (ha!)


It is also time for the SIXTH Annual Artist Studio Tour.  The tour this year is a bit more condensed and will be quite easy to get around and see everyone's studio in one day.  Our guest artist will be Mark Schwartz of Red Woods Furniture.  Mark will have a tent outside with his fabulous natural form and nautical themed furniture.  

This is a great opportunity to see some studios of local artists who are not always open.  There are so many studios to see. We have maps here.


Hope you'll be able to stop at St Lawrence Pottery this summer and see the 30plus canvases I've done this winter, again I won't be able to get all of the paintings on the website, but I will try to put up a few.  Guess it's always a good idea to pop in when you can and we'll be here!  I've been posting on Face book which is a public site so you can always look at images of what we're doing there, even if you don't do Face book.  

Stay safe on the high water and hope to see you soon, 

Sarah Ellen Smith, Artist


Events Summer 2016 May 24, 2016 16:29

Here we are again coming up on the fifth annual Studio Tour.  Kari Zelson Robertson will be our guest artist again and we're very happy about that.  Kari has been a busy artist, working on a fantastic body of ceramic work and is also instrumental in putting together the year round Northern New York Art Trail.  There is so much talent in our area and people are starting to take notice!  Here's a photo of Kari from last year's tour.

 On Wednesday, June 8 from 5pm to 8pm, there will be an opening reception for the 2016 paintings by Sarah Ellen Smith.  There will be refreshments, lots of friends& family, sketchbooks and stories about the paintings.  

We have been running back to back firings all month and have a fantastic bunch of pottery this summer some of which will be available at our gallery and  at Freighters in downtown Clayton.  Keep an eye on Facebook for more news of St Lawrence Pottery. (You don't have to have an account to look at our page)

Thanks for taking a look at our site!